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We believe that our hormones make us the natural-born wonders that we are,
and life is too precious to let their negative effects get in our way.

The Fix offers a range of supplements that are tailor-made for your specific period symptoms.
Science-backed and formulated with evidence-based doses that work,
The Fix is easy to understand, easy to take and easy to build into your daily routine.

Our vision is a world where women have the empowering feeling of
taking back control of our period symptoms, our day & our lives.

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Periods & Productivity

Periods & Productivity

We all know the feeling. You know, that familiar sludgy, sluggishness that creeps in as soon as we’re about to start our menstrual bleeding? Yeah, that one. Feels like it always kicks in as soon as...
Yes Your Cycle Can Affect Your Libido: Here’s How

Yes Your Cycle Can Affect Your Libido: Here’s How

There’s no denying it, our period can – and does – impact our body in a variety of ways. The infamous seven-day cycle – otherwise known as menstruation – has the power to not only affect our mood,...
Why Aren’t Our Periods Prioritised?

Why Aren’t Our Periods Prioritised?

When it comes to our health, there’s one category that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.  If you’ve ever had a period, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the distinctive lack of sympathy ...

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