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We believe that our hormones make us the natural-born wonders that we are,
and life is too precious to let their negative effects get in our way.

The Fix offers a range of supplements that are tailor-made for your specific period symptoms.
Science-backed and formulated with evidence-based doses that work,
The Fix is easy to understand, easy to take and easy to build into your daily routine.

Our vision is a world where women have the empowering feeling of
taking back control of our period symptoms, our day & our lives.




Freya Lawler is a renowned Melbourne-based naturopath and nutritionist specialising in reproductive health, fertility and hormones. Freya’s goal is simple: to provide you with facts you can trust. How Freya can help you...

Meet katee gray

Sports & endurance nutritionist

Katee is a sports nutritionist, mentor, and facilitator with expertise in optimizing hormones for sports performance. Katee delivers unique content that fosters inclusive environments and promotes nourishing language during hormonal changes. Learn more about Katee...

Meet Dr Kylie Steel

Menstrual Cycle Researcher & senior lecturer (Western Sydney university)

Kylie is part of a interdisciplinary international group of researchers investigating the barriers and challenges women and girls experience when managing menstrual cycle symptoms. Read more on Kylie's research...

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Hormone health & the importance of skincare & vitamins.

Hormone health & the importance of skincare & vitamins.

A while ago we partnered with the fabulous team from Bopo Women for a giveaway and as a team, we joined forces to ask Freya Lawler about hormone health and the importance of using the right skincar...
How to manage and harness your hormones during your cycle

How to manage and harness your hormones during your cycle

There’s no denying it, when we hear the words menstruating, periods and ovulation, we females typically tend to think of the ever-growing list of negatives associated with those words – which is of...
We need to talk about PMDD

We need to talk about PMDD

Trigger warning: this article discusses mental health as well as the inference of self harm and suicidal tendencies.  It’s the silent killer that leaves between 3 and 8% of AFAB people feeling hel...

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