We are Julie & Kate, Co-Founders of The Fix. We are on a mission to help women take control of their hormones so that we can be at our best each day, each month and throughout our lives.

Our journey to creating The Fix began with the realisation that whilst our female hormonal cycles have tremendous power, our over-riding experience of our hormonal cycles is negative. We have lived for decades with our period symptoms, which we always thought we had to accept as ‘part of the deal’ of being a woman. However, as each month our lives were on pause for a few days or longer, with only painkillers or the hot water bottle for relief, we started to wonder … could there be a better way ? Our hormones are incredible, they make us the amazing women we are … so what if we could be at our best because of our hormones, not in spite of them ?

We began to do our research and were inspired by what we learned. Yes, there are downsides to the monthly cycle that result in the symptoms women know only too well - cramping, mood swings, breakouts, bloating, low energy. But to our delight, we learned that there are also huge upsides too – our hormones drive focus, creativity, empathy and productivity. There are even hormones that drive our desire to rest and recharge. The realisation that nature has (as usual) got all the answers led us to think that there could be a way to manage our menstrual symptoms differently and to offer women a new approach to their cycle from a place of positivity and possibility. The Fix was born.

We offer personalised, powerful & proven, practical supplements to help us take control of our period symptoms, our day and our life.

Working with respected scientists and chemists for 2 years we researched the combination of ingredients that were capable of treating specific symptoms – creating new formulations that did not really exist in the market. Evidence-based, science-backed doses of key ingredients make up the Fix product range which is tailor made to target your specific symptoms. It’s easy to understand how it works, easy to take and easy to build into your daily routine.

The results are hard to ignore, we have 5* reviews across the range and incredible feedback from our devoted and growing followership.

The name The Fix came from the desire to provide a solution not just to overcoming period symptoms, but in how we live our lives. The X in the name is about saying no to symptoms, no to being knocked off course. And in doing so, saying yes to taking control, so we can be at our best each day, each month, throughout the cycles of our life.

We have been humbled by and are so grateful for the response to the brand since its launch. Our treasured community – the Sisterhood at The Fix -  is telling us that they are feeling liberated, with the empowering sense of taking control of their day and their lives.

Welcome to The Fix … Hormone-Powered Wellbeing. You’ve Got This.

Julie & Kate