The Fix delivers Personalised, Powerful & Proven, Practical Supplements To Take Control Of Your Day And Your Life. Close to 1 billion women in the world are menstruating at any one time. An estimated 90% of us report experiencing period symptoms including cramps, headaches and mood swings that impact our ability to be our best selves every day. At The Fix, we are on a mission to create a world where women have the empowering feeling of taking back control of our day & our lives. And we used science to make it possible. The Fix range was in development for 2 years, with our formulations developed by Australia’s leading scientists and health practitioners

Understanding How The Fix Works To Give You Back Control

As you get to know our products, you’ll understand that each ingredient has its own unique purpose, researched and specifically selected for the benefits it can bring to your personal monthly period cycle. Alongside our scientists, we researched a vast number of ingredients, the symptoms they relieve or reduce and the dose that is needed to be effective and get the job done. The selection process was rigorous and our formulas are powerful and proven. Allow us to introduce you to a few of our key ingredients – we think of these as our Everyday Heroes.