Purpose Led

The FIX exists to help women to be at our best because of our hormones, not in spite of them. The FIX provides personalised, powerful & proven, practical supplements to treat your specific period symptoms. We envisage a world where women have the empowering feeling of taking back control of our day & our lives.

Personalised, Powerful & Proven, Practical

Our formulations are tailor made for your specific symptoms, with evidence-based formulas that get the job done, easy to understand and easy to build into your daily routiune.

Working with Australia’s leading scientists and health practitioners, our formulations are powerful and proven, developed using the latest and best global research. On every product page, we list the evidence for each of our ingredients so it is easy to understand how the product will help you.

Sustainability & Ethically Driven

The difference our products make to our consumers lives drives us every day and our desire to lead positive change is built into our design. We aim to minimise our planetary impact through recycled and recyable packaging choices, whilst delivering a safe and stable product. We are committed to pushing the boundaries on our sustainability footprint as new solutions become available.

We are Cruelty-Free, certified Vegan, Gluten and GMO free. Our products do not contain antibiotics, aspartame, crustacea, egg, fish, lactose, peanuts, pollen, sesame, sucralose, or tree nuts.

Australian Made, Quality Obsessed

We’re proudly Australian owned and made. All our products draw on Australia’s global benchmark standards for quality and the expertise of local manufacturers. All formulations are produced in TGA registered facilities, with stringent, independent testing throughout the manufacturing process. This means everything we make, and the places we make them, meet the highest regulatory standards in the world.