How to manage and harness your hormones during your cycle Reading Hormone health & the importance of skincare & vitamins. 4 minutes

Hormone health & the importance of skincare & vitamins.

A while ago we partnered with the fabulous team from Bopo Women for a giveaway and as a team, we joined forces to ask Freya Lawler about hormone health and the importance of using the right skincare and vitamins. Freya Lawler is the Fix’s resident naturopath, nutritionist, and fertility educator with a special interest in supporting individuals with endometriosis, pelvic pain, hormone imbalances, and fertility.


Q. How do hormonal imbalances impact the skin, and what role does natural ingredient skincare products play in addressing these concerns?

An excess of hormones can lead to inflammation within the skin follicle. Common culprits include testosterone, cortisol, insulin, and estrogen. Pathology testing is so helpful to identify if any of the above are impacting your skin. Natural ingredients such as clays, targeted oils and anti-inflammatory nutrients can help to optimise an impaired skin barrier and calm inflammation within the skin, whilst promoting effective skin cell turnover.

Q. What specific vitamins or nutrients are essential for supporting hormone balance, and how can they be incorporated into one's daily routine?

Essential fatty acids, magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin A are my go-to nutrients for achieving optimal hormonal balance and promoting healthy skin function. Consuming two servings of fatty fish per week will supply your recommended daily intake of EFAs. Oysters are exceptionally rich in zinc and other nutrients beneficial for hormones and skin health. If you're open to it, liver is an excellent source of vitamin A and zinc. Alternatively, you could consider taking a nutritional supplement to quickly boost your nutrient reserves

Q. Bopo Women and The Fix encourage and support undertaking many forms of self-care. From a naturopathic perspective, how do self-care practices contribute to hormone health and overall well-being?

Self-care practices are absolutely essential in our modern world. From a clinical perspective, I often see stress and elevated stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) as primary causes of hormone imbalances. Prioritising our well-being in a way that feels safe and nurturing is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress hormones. Interventions such as regular meditation, breathwork, therapy, and yoga are all highly beneficial. Ideally, the practice should induce a deep relaxation, allowing us to quiet our busy minds, even if only for 20-60 minutes per day. Unfortunately, activities like watching television and engaging in high-intensity exercise just won't suffice. While they offer benefits for other aspects of our health, the goal here is to truly disconnect the brain as much as possible. Yoga Nidra is one of my favourite practices for this.

Q. What role do adaptogenic herbs and botanical extracts play in supporting hormone balance and skin health?

Adaptogenic herbs are fantastic at reducing the harmful effects of stress hormones on our bodies. They're great for boosting our ability to handle stress and promoting a feeling of calm. Since stress can lead to inflammation, especially if you're prone to breakouts along the jawline, finding ways to reduce stress can help soothe those flare-ups.

Q. How can individuals ensure they're selecting the right skincare products and supplements to support their unique hormonal needs and skin type?

If you're dealing with a long-term hormone or skin issue, it's always smart to have a professional like an integrative GP or naturopath review your hormone levels and nutrient status to customise your treatment. Otherwise, opting for evidence-based nutritional and herbal remedies that address your particular concerns is a great place to start. When it comes to skincare products, make sure they include ingredients that are specific to your needs and check the ingredient list to avoid any potentially harmful substances that could harm your skin barrier.

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How to manage and harness your hormones during your cycle

How to manage and harness your hormones during your cycle

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