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Your Monthly Meets - Kate Everitt

Every month we ask extraordinary women ten questions about their periods and life, starting with our fabulous founders. This month we hear from Kate, Co-Founder of The Fix, on why she’s a world class photobomber and why she’d walk barefoot to the end of the earth for her daughter.

  • Share with us your first or worst period story. 

I’ll never forget my first and most crippling period pains. I was in year 11. I went to sick bay and I felt like someone was ripping my pelvis out of my body. I was sure it had to be more than just period pain. I believed I was having a miscarriage. (Which, let’s face it, would have been quite immaculate!) It was horrific. I had to wait for Mum to come and collect me. I was screaming into a pillow. Once Mum arrived, because it was simply that thing that happens every month, I received none of the sympathy that I believed any person should deserve when they suffer that much pain.


  • What advice would you give your younger self about living with periods?

Talk to your friends. Learn about period undies and TAKE THE FIX. You absolutely shouldn’t have to just suffer the pain, discomfort, moods and breakouts, simply because society overlooked it for too long. If you feel like you need permission to not feel like crap - then consider this permission!


  • Let’s talk about symptoms – the good, the bad and the real ugly and how do you cope?

The pain. God, the pain! In my teenage years it was killer period pain, messy moods, hormonal breakouts, full body bloat. I’m now 43 and everything changed when I had my daughter. Now I’m all mood. 

I started a period company and I’m still in shock that I’m still experiencing a variation of these symptoms.


  • So if men had periods and all the symptoms - what would happen to the world?

The world would look very different. We’d have funding for research, medical solutions, and menstrual policies.

Do you know 90% of women suffer period symptoms. 17% of men suffer erectile dysfunction; yet erectile dysfunction receives five times more funding. There are so many ways we could analyse those stats, let’s not... But I will say this. A little blue pill has existed for a long time. The Fix in 2022 is the first period company targeting symptoms. 


  • What does sisterhood mean to you?

Everything. It’s mostly unspoken but it’s one of the greatest gifts. I have so many pockets of sisterhood in my life. My actual sisters and Mum, the women I look to for real life stuff. My girlfriends from school, we’ve been besties for nearly 30 years and we’ve been called ‘The Lades’ since our friendships started. We’ve endured many of life’s curveballs. These women are the most non-judging, accepting, kind sisters someone could ask for. Then there’s my business partner and best friend Julie. A pillar of strength. There is nothing that girl can’t do. And then my ultimate sister and partner in crime. My daughter Kitty. The girl I’d walk barefooted to the end of the earth for. 


  • What’s invisible but you wish people could see? (i.e. kindness, love)

Foot Steps. I’d love to be able to see everywhere in the world I have walked and the paths most travelled. 

Photo bombing. I’d also love to see all the random background photos I’m in around the world. I used to walk across Brooklyn bridge every night after work and chuckle to myself about how much accidental photo bombing I must be doing.


  • What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

Don’t come back from travelling the world with savings. It clearly means you weren’t ready to return. 


  • Cramp. Mood. Bloat. Breakout. Everything. What Fix do you take?

I take XAll and XBreakout every day. I then take XMood and XCramp 7 days before my period is due. At times I feel bloated and I take XBloat as its required.


  • Jeans or trackie dacks?

 Jeans. I hate trackies. They make me feel sloppy. I feel good in jeans. 


  • Heels or trainers?

Trainers. Covid killed the smallest flicker of interest in heels. Fashion has become fantastic in the way. We can all be as creative and as casual as we like. Or dress the hell up if we’re feeling it.

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Menstrual leave. About bloody time.

Menstrual leave. About bloody time.

Period Sex 101

Period Sex 101

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